Sea Monsta - About the range

Five years in the making and we are finally ready to release the new Sea Monsta bait range. The Monsta started life when we managed to source an exclusive supply of a completely natural and remarkably potent Squid and Octopus flavouring. Then we needed to decide on a carrier profile for this superb attractor. 

The list of pure natural ingredients packed into this complex bait is truly staggering, we have incorporated many of our already groundbreaking ingredients but also added a number of new and exciting powders, liquids and attractors to create what we believe is the ultimate fishmeal based boilie in terms of both attraction and nutrition.  

The new Sea Monsta base mix has been largely based on the Pro Marine but further enhanced with carefully sourced new natural attactors. Added to that is our exclusive liquid attractor system that includes one unique liquid that during testing out performed even the original L030. We then carefully blended the poweful Squid and Octopus flavouring at optimum levels with the addition of the finest belachan and krill meal along with a pure squid meal to complete the attractor profile. To this we added refined crayfish meal to give the bait a final and additional and irresistable crunch factor.

We firmly believe the Sea Monsta will outperform any fishmeal bait on the market today. 

Base Mix:

Blended of the highest quality fishmeals including LT94 and pre digested fishmeals, squid meal, krill meal, shrimp powder, crayfish meal, belachan, kelp, seaweed extract, a careful balance of milk & whey proteins, yeast extracts, vegetable proteins, refined carbohydrates and milled seeds. 

The Attractor profile:

Squid and Octopus, Liquid Liver, Shrimp Extract, our secret L030 replacement, Salmon Oil, natural sweetener and Himalayan rock salt