Our Story

Tails Up Bait is one of the true UK heritage bait company brands. Dating back to the 90s when classic baits such as the Protavit Liver were born.

At the time, being one of only a handful of companies that dealt directly with the customer, Tails Up has been providing a trusted mail order service since the early to mid 2000s.

In 2005, Ash Bradbury took over the management of the company. A keen angler himself, known for targeting big pressured carp, he had a growing interest in designing and producing quality boilies for carp.




Ash went on to purchase the company outright in 2007. Since since this time he has been at the forefront of designing not only the best boilies possible but also having an impact on many items of tackle and equipment that leading companies produce today.

The early years were a steep learning curve. Taking the traditional instant baits available and reformulating the base mixes, giving them a high nutritional value but at the same time harnessing the key liquids and powders traditionally used in some of the former Tails Up boilies that had been previously produced. 

Ash spent many years, and still does, sourcing and trialling new products to bring and add to the bait ranges. This gives Tails Up end products that are the best quality we can possibly produce. An example would be our flagship boilie the Sea Monsta, incorporating over 20 dry powdered ingredients and 10 liquids. 


Designing a full range of matching products to go with the boilie was also important. Each range of bait that we produce has no less then 14 matching products to use alongside your chosen boilie.

The service that Tails Up offer is vitally important to us. Being flexible with the sizes of boilie we produce, each order is rolled fresh, giving us an excellent reputation not only for the products that we produce but also the delivery and service we provide.

2020 nearly saw all this hard work over the last few decades go to waste. Ash with a young family and now a fishery to manage and look after - Ashbury Fisheries, very nearly sold up!

However, during this time there had been one product that was in the background and now was the time to see if Tails Up could bring it to market. That product was The Cornz, a perfectly shaped Plastic Free fake corn hook bait.

The addition of Dan and Al coming on board as partners meant the time and efforts could be dedicated to not only keeping up with the modern world that we now live in but spread the work load to help Tails Up continue to grow in the future.

Dan taking over much of the day to day manufacturing and Al playing a vital role, helping secure the registered designs for the Cornz and now developing the new website.

In June of 2021, after gaining Trademarks and Registered Designs we released The Cornz. Tails Up's plastic free, fake corn replica. Made from traditional pop up mix ingredients they are non toxic and totally safe for the environment.


With The Cornz now stocked in over 30 retail outlets, the success and growing reputation of The Cornz will once again enhance Tails Up’s reputation for years to come.

Thank you for showing an interest in our company and we hope you enjoy the same success using our products that our thousands of satisfied customers have.

Ash, Dan and Ali 

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