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Boilie Sample Packs

Boilie Sample Packs

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Introducing Tails Up Boilie Sample Packs.

What you receive - A Sample of each Boilie from our range, each sample contains 6 baits in our Hybrid Shelfies so you can smell, break up, feel and see the texture of each boilie. The boilie range has been developed predominantly for Carp but also boasts an excellent track record for other species such as Tench & Barbel.

Each sample bag has a QR code label for you to link straight to each dedicated web page on the new Tails Up website where you can learn more about the bait and see all the matching products that are in each range.

The Boilie Range

Sea Monsta - Our leading fishmeal base mix that has been developed over the last 3 decades. Made from over 20 of the vey best dried ingredients that gives the finished boilie a balanced amino acid profile due to the level of complex proteins within those ingredients. Rounded off with a Squid & Octopus, Shrimp & Liver attractor system, incorporating a blend of the best liquid extracts & oils available. Leaving the finished boilie with a rich dark brown appearance and a subtle, yet enticing sea food aroma.

Developed for year round use.

Pro Marine - The same base mix as used for the Sea Monsta but with a real fishy attractor system incorporating Anchovy & Shrimp extracts & oils. The finished colour of the boilie is darker to replicate natural food sources and help against nuisance bird life.

Developed for year round use.

OCM - Tails Ups Red Fishmeal, using our fishmeal base mix and genuine Haiths Robin Red. Using a fruit and cream attractor system of Orange & Condensed Milk, incorporating a blend of secret liquid extracts that when the boilie is applied over a period time leaves carp hooked.

Developed for year round use.

Pro Seed - The base mix behind this boilie boasts a nutty creamy aroma blended with specifically milled nuts & seeds to create a well rounded base that’s perfect for year round use. The base mix is then combined with a bannoffee-esque attractor system with added liquids & extracts unique to Tails Up.   

Developed for year round use.

At Tails Up we roll all bait fresh to order something we have been doing since 2005. We do not outsource any of our products or just re package other manufacturers products. In this way we make all the products we sell unique to Tails Up. We pride ourselves in producing all of the bait that we sell at Tails Up.

Free Samples - Each Cornz order that is made we send out a Free Boilie Sample.

You can order a sample simply & securely using the Shopify Platform.

Why £3.10? This simply covers the Postage, the samples as such are free. We send all samples Royal Mail, 1st Class signed for.