Pro Seed - About the range

This nut and birdfood based bait was years in the making, we have worked hard to produce a boilie that’s completely different to anything we have developed before.

The custom base mix blend of nuts and milled seeds is unique to Tails Up and creates a crunchy appearance and texture. A blend of several nuts, seeds, hemp proteins, purest vanilla meal, milk & whey proteins, vegetable proteins and additional carefully selected carbohydrates creates a lovely, rich, creamy base mix. The base mix is then complemented by a carefully sourced classic fruit flavouring with a creamy undertone then enhanced by a little twist on the classic Banoffee combination. Added to that is a blend of pure hemp and corn oil which works hand in hand with the base mix to perfectly round off the nutritional profile of the bait.

The finished boilie is crunchy, digestible and leaks essential attractors as soon as it's applied. During testing it has proved to deliver outstanding results through both summer and winter use and is a true all year round boilie. Perfect for those not wanting to use a fish derived boilie or for waters dominated by nut and seed based baits.

Available in "Special Orders" Dark Seed, Pink Seed and White Seed