New Products - Zigz and Super Shotz

New Products - Zigz and Super Shotz

After their successful launch at the Essex Carp show which saw unbelievable levels of interest in both new products, Tails Up are pleased to announce that our new Zigz and Super Shotz are now available for gerenal sale.

The Zigz are specially designed barrel shaped hookbaits made for Zig fishing. Ever since Ash invented the original adjustable Zig Float many years ago, he has been at the forefront of this method of fishing. He has designed these hookbaits to his own exacting standards and after several years of testing they are now perfect and available to you. Available in two colours and packed with appetite stimulators they are available unflavoured so you can add the attractor package of your choice.

You can buy Zigz here. 

Super Shotz are a collection of six unique, super charged attractor liquids specifically designed for being added to your hookbaits.

Whether boosting pop ups, Cornz or Zigz, each liquid has been purposefully designed to be easily absorbed into the skin of your hookbait from where it can leak maximum attraction into the water column.

Each Super Shot comes in a conveniently sized dropper bottle enabling you to carefully control the dosage applied to your hookbaits with absolute precision.  

Super Shotz are available in Pineapple Tonic, Sweet Almond, Sweetcorn, Squid Koi, Sweet garlic and Krill flavours. 

You can buy Super Shotz here.



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