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Zigz Hookbaits

Zigz Hookbaits

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The Zigz have been developed over many years to meet the exacting standards that Ash requires in a Zig hookbait.

For those who don't know, Ash was one of the pioneers of this now popular method and was the original inventor of the adjustable Zig Float. He has always been at the leading edge of Zig fishing and has used these in his own fishing for many years, banking fish to well over 40lbs.

These unique hookbaits have been precisely sized to be usable with popular Zig Aligners on the market.

Zigz are available in Ash's two favourite colours, black and yellow.    

The Important Stuff....

Super Buoyant 
Fit Zig Aligners for lakes with foam / plastic bans
Flavourless to absorb your Own Liquids and Stimulants, whilst retaining durability & buoyancy
Available in Black & Yellow
Each pot contains 30 hookbaits