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Sweetcorn Super Shotz

Sweetcorn Super Shotz

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Sweetcorn -

Good sweetcorn flavours are hard to find and Tails Up have spent many years sourcing what we believe is a truly special one. We have combined this with some of our natural nut extracts to create a quite stunning liquid, perfect for applying to any nut/seed based bait or ideal for adding to our Cornz.


Super Shotz are a collection of unique, super concentrated attractor liquids including blended flavours, amino acids, the best sweetener available whilst being specifically designed for being added to your hookbaits.

Whether boosting pop ups, Cornz or Zigz, each liquid has been purposefully designed to be easily absorbed into the skin of your hookbait from where it can leak maximum attraction into the water column.

Each Super Shot comes in a conveniently sized dropper bottle enabling you to carefully control the dosage applied to your hookbaits with absolute precision.  

The Important Stuff....

Concentrated Flavour with Maximum Attraction
Does not taint the colour of Cornz / Zigz 
Quick Absorption
Retain Durability
Retain Buoyancy

Available in Sweetcorn, Pineapple Tonic, Sweet Almond, Sweet Garlic, Krill, Squid Koi

Bottle contains 20ml - Add 10-20 drops per pot of Cornz / Zigz